Alwin Aßmann

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Alwin Aßmann (* 1 August 1899 in Dornbirn; † 8 January 1984 ibid) was an Austrian politician (Wahlpartei der Unabhängigen, WdU).

Professional life

Alwin Aßmann was a major in the reserve, first as a registrar, later as a real estate agent.


He applied for membership in the NSDAP on 26 June 1938 and was admitted on 1 January 1940 (membership number 7,363,847)[1][2]. After the war he was a member of the Vorarlberg Landtag from 1949 to 1954 and a member of the National Council for the WdU in the VII legislative period from 15 December 1954 to 8 June 1956.

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