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Laurence Allan Scott (born May 23, 1906 in Arlington, New Jersey; † April 13, 1995 in Santa Monica, California) was a U.S. screenwriter who was once nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.


Scott graduated from the University of Oxford after attending Amherst College with financial support from a Rhodes Scholarship. He began his career as a screenwriter in the Hollywood film industry in 1933 with the romantic comedy film Goodbye Again by Michael Curtiz, starring Warren William, Joan Blondell and Genevieve Tobin, based on his 1932 stage play of the same name.

After signing a contract as a screenwriter with RKO Pictures in 1934, he was one of the definitive writers of music and dance films with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers such as Dance With Me! (The Gay Divorcee, 1934), I’ll Dance My Way Into Your Heart (Top Hat, 1935), Swing Time (1936) and Dance With Me (Shall We Dance, 1937). Beside it he was also known as a so-called “script doctor” who proofread and revised the scripts of other authors.

At the 1944 Academy Awards, Scott was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for the war film Brave Women (So Proudly We Hail!, 1943), directed for Paramount Pictures by Mark Sandrich and starring Claudette Colbert, Paulette Goddard and Veronica Lake.

Scott, who until 1968 wrote the scripts and templates for more than forty films and television series but also the plays In Clover (1937) and Joy to the World (1948), was the father of actress Pippa Scott, who in turn was married to film producer Lee Rich. His younger brother Adrian Scott, who was also a screenwriter and film producer, was married to actress Anne Shirley in his second marriage and to screenwriter Joan Scott in his third marriage.

Filmography (selection)

  • 1933: Goodbye Again
  • 1935: Roberta
  • 1935: I dance my way into your heart(Top Hat)
  • 1936: Marine Against Lovesickness(Follow the Fleet)
  • 1936: Swing Time
  • 1937: Dance With Me(Shall We Dance)
  • 1938: Carefree by Dr. Flagg –Carefree (Carefree)
  • 1940:Lucky Partners (Lucky Partners)
  • 1941: Adopted Happiness(Sun Valley Serenade)
  • 1941: Marriage Posse (Skylark)
  • 1943: Brave Women(So Proudly We Hail!)
  • 1944: Here Come the Waves
  • 1946: BlueSkies (Blue Skies)
  • 1952: The Four Poster (The Four Poster)
  • 1959: As Long as There Are People(Imitation of Life)
  • 1964: Marry Me, Crook! (The Confession)
  • 1968: Lassie (television series)

Background literature

  • Lee Server: Screenwriter: Words Become Pictures, Pittstown 1987, pp. 186-203. ISBN 1555620183

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