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Sandy Wolfrum (2017)

Alexander “Sandy” Wolfrum (* 1958 in Bayreuth) is a German guitarist, singer, composer and songwriter.


In 1979 Wolfrum founded his first duo “Andy & Sandy” (Hausmann and Wolfrum). He had his first paid gig in 1980 in Bayreuth in a student pub. At the folk festival in Schnabelwaid he met the Munich singer and guitarist Robert Wachsmann in 1981. Robert Wachsmann got the bass player Hanzie Scharrer from Nuremberg to join him, Wolfrum got friends from Bayreuth. From this the group Feelsaaitig was born. The concept was own songs in German, dialect and English. Feelsaitig won prizes and played, among other things, two concerts in the Moscow Palace of Culture and participated twice in the “Songs on a Summer Evening”. Until their end in 2007 they released nine studio albums and four live albums.

In between and since then Wolfrum also performed solo and released 6 solo albums. On stage Wolfrum needs only his guitar and his voice for his up to 40 concerts a year.

In 1994, Wolfrum founded the “Festival der Liedermacher” in Bayreuth, where, among others. Georg Danzer, Hannes Wader, Colin Wilkie, Bettina Wegner, Reiner Rumpf, Konstantin Wecker, Werner Lämmerhirt, Günter Stössel, Ulrike Grigat performed. He also leads the project Donaumusik. With Reinhard Mey, Haindling, Joana, Wibke Hott and John Pearse he has produced a benefit CD for the preservation of the free-flowing Danube.[1]


As a soloist

  • 1998: Text and music (with Günter Reiß)
  • 1998: My real name is Alexander
  • 2001: Feelsaitig like life
  • 2003: Franconian songs
  • 2005: We build a house (for all children of this world)
  • 2007: They call me Sandy, Bruno Records (Media Arte)
  • 2009: Zammgrazzich – live – (with Günter Stössel)
  • 2010: Dschäng Bäng – live – (with Günter Stössel)
  • 2010: Hauptsach’ unterwegs – live – (with Reiner Rumpf), Bruno Records (Media Arte)
  • 2010: It stays the same, Intraton
  • 2010: The glasses in the boots – live, Intraton
  • 2013: Wolfrum is in there
  • 2014: Monologues For Two (Duets and Duels)
  • 2016: Fairness
  • 2018: Fifty-Ten

With Feelsaitig

  • 1983: Feelsaitig (re-released 2014)
  • 1985: Folkpiggings (re-released 2015)
  • 1985: Christmas Carol
  • 1987: It won’t last
  • 1991: Äpfl
  • 1993: Bruno’s Birthday Album (Best of…)
  • 1993: Once on stage and back!-live
  • 1994: Flower Power
  • 1995: Anthem
  • 1997: Die Feelsaitig sind ja sou fouwl (Best of…)
  • 1998: Sweet ugly fifteen
  • 1999: Little Hands (feat. Ulrike Grigat)
  • 2000: Mega live now
  • 2002: Gold (Best of…)
  • 2004: Anniversary concert
  • 2008: A quarter of a century

With The Travelling Feelsaitig Brothers

  • 2013: Rocking the campfire

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