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Alexander Wittkowsky (b. September 4, 1936 in Berlin; † February 14, 2018[1] in Frankfurt am Main[2]) was the first elected president of the Technische Universität Berlin in its new form as a group university. Subsequently, as Rector of the University of Bremen, he played a major role in the establishment of this “new type” university.


Wittkowsky grew up in Berlin, where he attended the Goethe High School and later the Technical University. He studied shipbuilding and process engineering and graduated with a degree in engineering.

From January 2, 1962, Wittkowsky was a scientific assistant and, from the winter semester 69/70, a senior engineer at the Rudolf Drawe Institute for Fuel Technology at the Chair of Fuel Technology in the Department of Energy and Process Engineering of Faculty (V) of Mechanical Engineering at the TU Berlin, which was renamed Faculty (10) – Process Engineering from the winter semester 71/72. As a senior engineer, Wittkowsky, without being a chairholder, was elected the first president of the TU Berlin on May 5, 1970, two months before he received his doctorate, effective May 12, 1970 until May 31, 1977.[3] After his presidency at the TU Berlin, Wittkowsky served as rector of the University of Bremen from 1977 to 1982.[3] In protest against the new version of the state university law enforced by Bremen’s science senator Horst Werner Franke, which partially reversed the reforms of the university’s founding phase, Wittkowsky resigned from the office of rector on March 23, 1982.[4] He was then appointed to a C4 professorship in the Department of Production Engineering with the dedication of “Technology Development and Technology Design” (TT), which he held until his retirement in 2001. For two years, from 1990 to 1992, he was on leave to manage projects for the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) in India, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, among others.

Through his active, committed work, Alexander Wittkowsky has left his mark on the TU Berlin and the University of Bremen in essential questions of their development.

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