3rd Generation Nation

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The 3rd Generation Nation was a German punk fanzine in A4 format, of which a total of 28 issues were published between 1994 and 2004. In addition to the print edition, the fanzine is still represented today with a homepage on the World Wide Web. The magazine was published by Ralf “Real Shock” Hünebeck in Mülheim an der Ruhr. The magazine was sold by subscriptions. It was also distributed by numerous record stores and mail-order companies. On September 28, 2004, Hünebeck announced in a press release the immediate discontinuation of the print edition. He justified the move with drastically declining sales figures as well as, most recently, a departure of more than half of the advertising customers.[1]

Besides forewords and current playlists of the authors of the respective issue, interviews, travel, scene and concert reports, record and fanzine reviews, news and concert dates belonged to the fixed columns of the “3rd Generation Nation”. Among the authors of the fanzine were, besides editor Ralf Real Shock, among others Karsten Scholl, Punk Anderson, Vasco 88, Livin’ Eyes Andy, Dan Crashed, Limbo Hawai, Sick Spice’77, Blank Frank, $tupid, Tom Obnoxious, Hendrik, Roman Colvin, Halloween Mike, Zepp Oberpichler and Rick Bain, Uwe, Elmar Choke, Birthe, some of whom also write for various other fanzines.

Music groups reported on in the magazine in their own articles and interviews

  • White Flag,
  • Dead End Cruisers,
  • The Weaklings,
  • Bladder Bladder Bladder,
  • The Smut Peddlers,
  • The Dragons,
  • Smalltown Criminals,
  • American Heartbreak,
  • The Black Halos,
  • Muslim Heat,
  • The Demon Dolls
  • Jakkpot.

Individual references

  1. Ralf Real Shock, The end for the print edition of “3RD Generation Nation”, press release of September 28, 2004(Memento of August 20, 2014 in the Internet Archive)