(30797) Chimborazo

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(30797) Chimborazo
Properties of the orbit (Animation)

Epoch: September 4, 2017 (JD 2,458,000.5)
Orbit type Middle Main Belt Asteroid
Asteroid family Eunomia family
Large semi-axis 2.6911 AE
Eccentricity 0,1427
Perihelion – Aphelion 2.3070 AE – 3.0751 AE
Inclination of the orbital plane 12,5314°
Length of the ascending node 293,0007°
Argument of periapsis 193,4963°
Time of the perihelion passage 12.July 2015
Sidereal period 4,41 a
Physical properties
Absolute brightness 14,3 mag
Discoverer Eric Walter Elst
Discovery date 4. February 1989
Other designation 1989 CV2, 2002 RZ79
Source: Unless individually stated otherwise, data are from JPL Small-Body Database Browser. Asteroid family membership is automatically determined from the AstDyS-2 database. Please also see the note on asteroid articles.

(30797) Chimborazo is a Middle Main Belt asteroid. It was discovered on February 4, 1989 by Belgian astronomer Eric Walter Elst at the La Silla Observatory of the European Southern Observatory in Chile (IAU code 809).

The asteroid belongs to the Eunomia family, a group named after (15) Eunomia, which is believed to include five percent of the asteroids in the main belt.[1] The timeless (non-osculating) orbital elements of (30797) Chimborazo are nearly identical to those of the smaller, judging from the Absolute Magnitude of 16.4 versus 14.3, asteroid (363608) 2004 FS148.[2]

(30797) Chimborazo was named after Ecuador’s Chimborazo stratovolcano on March 12, 2017.

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