(2382) Nonie

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(2382) Nonie
Properties of the orbit (Animation)
Orbit type Middle Main Belt
Asteroid family Pallas family
Large semi-axis 2.7607 ±0.0002 AE
Eccentricity 0,3293 ±0,0005
Perihelion – Aphelion 1,8517 ±0,0015 AE – 3,6697 ±0,0002 AE
Inclination of the orbital plane 30,9911 ±0,0688°
Length of the ascending node 246,0023 ±0,1192°
Argument of periapsis 66,6532 ±0,1476°
Time of the perihelion passage 21.February 2019
Sidereal period 4,59 a ±0,1543 d
Physical properties
Average diameter 17.268 ±0.254 km
Albedo 0,113 ±0,022
Rotation period 15,085 h
Absolute brightness 11.8 mag
Spectral class
(according to SMASSII)
Discoverer AustraliaAustralien Australia
Discovery date 13. April 1977
Other designation 1977 GA; 1979 YT
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(2382) Nonie(1977 GA; 1979 YT) is an approximately 17-kilometer asteroid of the Middle Main Belt discovered on April 13, 1977, at Perth Observatory in Bickley, Western Australia in Australia (IAU code 319). It belongs to the Pallas family, a group of asteroids named after (2) Pallas.


(2382) Nonie was named after the daughter of Peter Jekabsons, after whom the asteroid (3188) Jekabsons is named. Peter Jekabsons was a staff member at the Perth Observatory.[1]

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Individual references

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